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Join the Plaza Neighborhood Watch

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch is to help foster a spirit of community, encourage us to “know our neighbors” and promote a safe neighborhood.  Information contained in the Family Data Sheets is confidential and will only be shared with local authorities upon request in the event of an emergency.

To join, simply fill out the NW form given to you and return to a board member. This information will be forwarded to the block captain on your street. Alternatively you can request a family data sheet, and return it to your block captain.  Block captains for the current year are listed below. Family data sheets are available.  If you would like more info contact the closest block captain.


NTV Neighborhood Watch report 04/23/08


2013 Block Captains

East La Platte Road (including Cedar Lane, Redwood Place & Willow Lane)

West La Platte Road

La Vista Road and La Crosse Road

Meadow Lane

Plaza Boulevard (including Elmwood Lane)

Click here to see a map of the Neighborhood Watch divisions.



Neighborhood Watch Registration

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